LetMeSpeak.org Whitepaper
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LSTAR token

Not financial advice
The LSTAR is the in-game currency of the LetMeSpeak ecosystem. It is used to reward people for learning English and for redistributing value between community members and NFT owners.
LSTARs have utility inside the game, and are freely transferable outside of it.
LetMeSpeak is ready to sell/issue LSTAR in-game currency for 0.03 USDC, and to buy back LSTARs at the following price (subject to availability of funds in Treasury and governance token holder decisions):
  • The price of such buyback would be revised from time to time and be approximately equal to the Remaining funds earmarked for buyback / (Estimated tokens in circulation + estimated tokens to be issued for learning for existing NFTs)
for the following amount:
  • A share of existing treasury and a share of future NFT sales
These arrangements may change in the future.
LSTAR token Utility:
● Create new NFT Characters (Invites)
● Visa extension for Characters
● In-game fees and consumables
● NFTs visual customization
● Purchase Property NFTs
LSTAR token Max supply: not limited
Token address: Solana​
Exchanges: MEXC​