Learning experience

What's inside the learning experience now? It's a mobile app with a 4.8 ⭐ rating on the App Store and over two million downloads. Inside the app, you'll find yourself in the immersive and exciting virtual setting of New York and experience real-life situations in which you:

  • Learn new vocabulary

  • Practice speaking

  • Improve your grammar skills

Try it out now for free on iOS, Web, and Android.

LetMeSpeak uses the following approaches in order to help millions of people improve their English:

  • Spaced Repetition Learning Technique

  • Communicative Language Teaching

  • Speech Recognition Technologies

  • Proprietary learning content focused on speaking practice in real-life scenarios.

The LetMeSpeak economy adds instant gratification to the learning experience, to help you study harder!

The LetMeSpeak methodology in detail

We believe that the best learning happens when a person is fully immersed in the language. LetMeSpeak's teaching approach is based on time-proven findings in second language acquisition and cognitive science.

Problem-based learning and learning by doing

Most people learn languages to make everyday, real-life situations easier, not just because they're interested.

From simple transactions like buying a bus or train ticket, to more complicated work-related negotiations, we often have a particular communication goal when learning a new language. LetMeSpeak is here to help you achieve that goal.

We immerse learners in a game-based storyline. Each episode has a real-life goal — buying a ticket, ordering in a restaurant or checking in at a hotel.

Grammar and vocabulary are the tools that help you achieve your communication goals – learners incorporate the vocabulary and grammar they've just learned into these real-life situations.

Real-life, authentic content

Everything is in modern, everyday English with a full audio voiceover by native speakers from the United States. Each lesson contains everyday English and helps you practice American English pronunciation from the get-go.


Speaking is just as important as reading and listening on LetMeSpeak, as the name suggests.

Our speech recognition adaptive algorithm helps learners to monitor their progress and improve their pronunciation over time.

After all, you can't learn a language unless you actually speak it, can you?

LetMeSpeak provides you with lots of support from the offset, to help you build confidence in your learning as you progress to more challenging levels.

Vocab is King

Users learn over 4000+ of the most common English words needed to travel, work, and communicate clearly. Each new word comes with a translation and a memorable illustration.

Spaced Repetition Technique

A well-defined vocabulary syllabus, multi-stage training and the spaced repetition technique make learning even more effective. We calculate repetition intervals based on the calibrated standards of forgetfulness, so we ask you to review the words again to help you remember them.

Interactive grammar game

Learners quickly master English grammar thanks to interactive exercises and easy-to-understand explanations. Built-in drilling games help learners to see patterns and develop a fuller understanding of the grammar they're studying.

Instant feedback

We believe it is crucial to receive feedback and track your progress. Our interactive training and exercise drills provide instant feedback to help track your progress more effectively.

Interrelated exercises

Grammar learning does not end with the exercise drills! Do your own discovery and observe how language structures are used in some real-life situations by trying to find patterns in storyline dialogues.

Use the words you’ve learned in the new grammar constructions and apply them to storyline situations.

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