Rarity and attributes

All NFT Characters are unique. Let's look at the key things that make them different.

Talent: Talent is the main attribute which defines most of the others: the Character Rarity, starting Skill stats and Learning speed. Talent points are given when an NFT Character is created and do not change. The more Talent points a Character has — the faster it progresses, the more it can earn, and the more chances it has to win in PvP.

Rewards rate: Characters of different Rarities get different amounts of rewards (LSTAR) for the same learning actions. We created it this way to keep people with different income levels motivated, in the same way we kept the entry price for NFT Characters below $100.

Invites: Each NFT Character can be used to create new Characters. You need 2 Characters of the same Rarity and a fee in rewards tokens (LSTAR) to get a new one. You can perform 6 Invites for each Character.

Skills stats: Сharacters have four basic skills of language learning: Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Listening and Grammar. You can increase NFT Character Skills by practicing these activities in the learning app. Growing your skills gets you more rewards and gives you advantages in PvP.

XP level: Every NFT Character starts at Level 1. Each time you learn and spend Energy, your NFT Character gets Experience Points (XP). When you accumulate enough points you get a new XP level and additional skill stats. When you buy or sell an NFT Character, its XP level stays the same.

Learning speed: This parameter shows how many XP points an NFT Character gets for its Energy spend. If you want to reach new XP levels faster, choose Characters with a higher learning speed.

Energy: Each NFT Character has 100 Energy points to spend. You convert Energy points to token rewards and XP points by learning. Energy is gradually restored to 100 points in 24 hours. In order to have a place to rest and refill its Energy each Character that plays, rents a room automatically. Characters that don’t spend their Energy don’t need to rent a room.

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