LetMeSpeak Web3 vs Web2

As Duolingo put in its IPO report in August 2021:

"Online language learning is highly competitive, with low switching costs and consistent stream of new products and entrants, and innovation by competitors may disrupt our business."

We want to prove them right.

LetMeSpeak's Web3 approach offers a totally different value proposition to users:

  • Get paid, instead of paying for learning.

  • An open-ended ecosystem with new experiences, rather than a closed one.

  • User-driven economy vs one fully determined by corporations.

Our strong USP and sustainable economic design can help achieve scale, retention and long-term viability for the LetMeSpeak metaverse.

Let's look at the basic differences in business models between LetMeSpeak.org (Web3) and Web2 learning platforms (eg Duolingo).

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