The global COVID-19 pandemic wiped out decades of progress towards reducing poverty. In many countries around the world children have lost years of learning opportunities and many parents are struggling to support their children’s education, perpetuating generational cycles of hardship.

At LetMeSpeak, we believe that no one should be left behind because they cannot access good education. This is where we come in.

We are passionate about contributing to an equitable digital revolution and achieving several United Nations SDG goals - No Poverty, Quality Education and Reducing Inequalities. We believe in global integration and the right to quality education for all. This is why philanthropy and social impact are a core part of our business. We have set ourselves the goal of reaching millions of people in need with $1bn worth of support in three years.

LetMeSpeak is a cross-platform solution. It means that anyone with internet access today can access the language learning metaverse, on mobile or desktop, and use it for free.

Our technology has the power to enable access to education and access to income support, as well as open up opportunities for financial inclusion. Scaling our tech to reach millions of people in need with learning and earning is a matter of time, not imagination.

LetMeSpeak can provide an innovative, digital, on the go solution to acquiring better English language skills outside the formal education system. Moreover, people will be able to earn for their learning efforts, improving their livelihoods and financial inclusion. This solution could be especially valuable and empowering for women and girls who tend to be left behind when it comes to further education, access to financing and better job opportunities.

LetMeSpeak can prepare learners for the future of work by improving their English. According to the British Council, speaking English can increase employment opportunities, and many businesses today consider speaking English as essential.

How it works in practice

We are developing LetMeSpeak to enable anyone, anywhere to directly give the gift of learning to those they care about. We are calling this sponsorship.

While LetMeSpeak scholarships already allow you to support other people's learning journey, by lending them your NFT Characters, sponsorship will allow you to gift your NFTs in perpetuity, no strings attached.

You could sponsor your friends, your family or anyone you know directly.

You could also sponsor people in places you care about, or projects close to your heart through our Grant Fund. Simply choose a location, or one of our partnered communities, and we will make sure your gift of sponsorship is maximised by getting it directly to people in need.

The App guarantees instant deployment of funds from the Grant Fund to learners - and earnings begin to accrue only when someone is successfully learning. This way, we can help achieve maximum efficiency of each Grant Fund donation.

Our Grant Fund combines the power of LetMeSpeak technology, grant making and partnerships. We believe collaboration is key to accelerating impact. This is why we are partnering with like-minded organizations, civil society, and the private sector to invest in people and places that need it most.

We want sponsors to see the impact of their funds in real time.

We are already able to measure how much time someone learns, their level of retention/motivation to continue learning (how often they learn), and how much they earn for their efforts. And every sponsor will be able to see this too, for every learner, project or community that they support.

We are developing in-App language proficiency testing to allow learners, partners and sponsors to monitor learning progress.

Tests could be applied separately to listening and comprehension skills, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary. This could be useful to educators who wish to use LetMeSpeak as a complimentary digital solution to the learning curriculum. The certification and alignment of digital testing standards with existing ones is part of our vision.

In addition to these micro measures, we would like to work with partners on developing specific impact methodologies that can help us measure macro level changes. These could include measuring how LetMeSpeak influences family decisions to keep children learning, whether introducing LetMeSpeak into existing education programs helps to increase attendance at school/reduce school drop-out, and whether the LetMeSpeak learn and earn approach prevents premature marriage and keeps girls learning. Plus the impact of the LetMeSpeak learning material on supporting standard English language curricular absorption.

Ultimately, we want to partner with like-minded organizations to use the power of today’s technology (mobile, GameFi, DeFi, gamified learning) and the latest research in neuroscience and economics to reinvent education.

Our Grant Fund is already running a pilot program with Iraqi refugees in Jordan. Most of the participants are preparing for their future in new countries of asylum (Canada, Australia). Their aim is to improve their English, helping them to integrate into their new homes and support their families while they wait to leave.

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