Change Log

15 July: Add ES/RU/CN/VN translations of Whitepaper 8 July: Invites - remove old text about discount 7 July: Add Change Log Claim fee for all Characters 100 LSTARs

21 June: Updated Invite cost table Add 6% Invite fee Add 5% Claim fee (minimum 100 LSTAR) Add 1,5% Swap fee Updated LSTAR buyback rules, changed from 0.02 USDC initial period buyback rate to a dynamic rate based on remaining funds earmarked for buyback / (Estimated tokens in circulation + estimated tokens to be issued for learning for existing NFTs )

16 June: Scholarship update: add info about minimum percentage of rewards for scholars

13 June: Join us minor text update (coinmarketcap application process)

9 June: Learning experience minor text update (star icon) LetMeSpeak Web3 vs Web2 minor text update Sustainable design minor text update (star icon)

1 June: Whitepaper publication

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