The scholarship is a way for anyone to benefit from the Learn & Earn experience without an initial capital outlay.

For NFT character owners - it's an opportunity to own more NFTs and sponsor others to learn. Both of you earn.

Here is how it works.

For the character owner

If you have a character you’d like to provide for Scholarship, you should do the following:

  1. Select the NFT character you want to provide for Scholarship

  2. Set the scholar’s share and post your offer

After the scholar accepts the offer and starts learning, you both receive the tuition income. The income is redistributed based on the agreed income distribution plan. As the NFT owner, you can provide any number of characters for Scholarship.

You can provide your character for Scholarship if

  1. The character’s visa hasn’t expired

  2. The character is not on sale

  3. The character is not in the “For play” section

  4. The character has 100 energy points

  5. The character is not banned

How to provide your character for Scholarship

Now each character has a "Provide Scholarship" button in the Inventory. This button allows the NFT owner to set the share of rewards the scholar will get. Listing your character for Scholarship requires a small fee. The fee is charged when the NFT is listed for Scholarship, and depends on the NFT’s rarity:

  • Uncommon — 25 LSTAR

  • Rare — 50 LSTAR

  • Epic — 100 LSTAR

  • Legendary — 250 LSTAR

The owner can set the percentage of the rewards they are willing to give to the scholar. The minimum amount depends on the character’s rarity:

  • Uncommon — 30%

  • Rare — 25%

  • Epic — 20%

  • Legendary — 10%

The interval used for the scholar’s share is 5%. 10% of the character's rewards go to the Community Treasury. The owner can give the scholar the entire amount of earnings (90% maximum; the remaining 10% of the earnings go to the service).

Scholarship updates:

  • minimum scholar rates are 20% for Uncommon & Rare Characters

‍For the scholar‍

To become a scholar, you need to qualify for the Learn & Earn free program:

  1. Sign up for the service.

  2. Gain 10 stars by practicing dialogs, and learning words or grammar. You can use a free character to gain stars as well.

  3. Borrow a character for Scholarship. The character will appear in the app and you will be able to start learning and earning.

Preconditions for borrowing a Scholarship character

To get a Scholarship character, you should meet the following conditions:

  1. Your email is verified

  2. You don’t have a borrowed Scholarship NFT yet (you can only have one Scholarship in time)

  3. You have available “For play” slots

  4. Your previous Scholarship contract was terminated at least 72 hours ago

  5. You already have 10 stars on your account

Termination of the contract


1. A scholar cannot rent new Scholarship characters for 48 hours, if they terminate the contract themselves.

2. If the Scholarship is refused within 7 days again, the scholar is blocked for 7 days.


1. If the character has not spent any energy for 24 hours since the Scholarship was taken. The character is put on a Scholarship again, at no cost to the owner.

2. If the character doesn't spend 100 energy points within 72 hours. Even if the scholar is spending the energy right now, but is still late, the contract is terminated, and the character becomes unavailable.

3. If the character runs out of visa. In this case, the scholar's Scholarship is blocked for whatever period is necessary to restore all of the character's energy (as if the character still had a visa).

4. If the character is blocked.

5. If the character was moved from the owner's wallet (Relocation). At the same time, the scholar's character is blocked for however long it takes to restore their energy.

Pay attention:

  • The pop-ups that appear when you decide to terminate the contract or want to have a new contract after the previous one has been terminated clearly state that you’ll need to wait for 72 hours.

  • Now the pop-up for the Scholarship character clearly states that the contract cannot be terminated until the energy points are restored to 100.

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