The scholarship is a way for anyone to benefit from the Learn & Earn experience without an initial capital outlay.
For NFT Character owners - it's an opportunity to own more NFTs and sponsor others to learn. Both of you earn.
It works in a simple way:
  • You choose an NFT Character to offer a scholarship with.
  • You choose the preferred earning split you want to offer to a scholar, and publish the offer.
  • A scholar accepts the offer and starts learning. The proceeds from the learning get credited to both your and the scholar's account, based on the agreed split.
As a Scholar, you will need to qualify to have a chance to participate in the Learn & Earn programme for free.
As an Owner, you can use any number of Characters for the Scholarship to earn LSTARs. You choose how to share the rewards among your scholars. The minimum percentage of rewards for scholars depends on the Character’s rarity:
Uncommon = 30%
Rare = 25%
Epic = 20%
Legendary = 10%
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