In the LetMeSpeak story, your Character comes to New York to learn English and experience real-life situations.

There are two types of Characters - free (non-NFT, "Common") and paid ones (NFT asset). The paid ones come in four types of rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Common characters allow users to learn languages for free during the trial period and start experiencing Learn & Earn. The value of what these characters can earn is very limited.

The main difference among the paid NFT Characters is the level of reward per successful learning action. The greater the rarity, the higher the rewards. Daily earning of each Character is limited by the Energy, which can be fully spent in 30–40 minutes. This is the recommended optimal length of daily language learning. After the energy is spent, users can learn more with no rewards.

NFT Characters have one core utility - the ability to earn in-app rewards while you learn. This is very different from the "collectible" type of NFTs (eg Bored Apes), where all of the value comes from the perceived rarity.

NFT Characters come from two places:

  • Primary mint by LetMeSpeak

  • User-driven mint via the "Invites" feature

We do not put a hard limit on the number of NFT Characters in the metaverse. Having said that, the speed of their creation by users can be influenced by certain parameters of the economy.

An NFT Character is your asset. You are in control. You can use it to earn while you learn, level up, use it to mint a new one, share it with others by providing Scholarships or sell it on the Marketplace.

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