Your Character will need a valid LetMeSpeak Visa in order to Learn-and-Earn.

The visa expiration date time limit creates a sense of urgency and fear of missing out. For every day that you don't learn, you lose the earning opportunity for that day completely. The total potential earnings are limited by time. Instant gratification, greed and a fear of missing out create a strong desire to learn English. The limited lifespan of playable NFT Characters is key for the long-term stability of the LetMeSpeak Economy. The Visa allows us to predict and manage the supply of reward tokens, and balance it against demand using fees and incentives.

The Visa mechanic is key, as it helps

  • boost motivation for everyday learning

  • make the LetMeSpeak economy more sustainable

Visa Activation

  • The Character's visa in the web version activates as soon as you choose “Play now" — the character is put in the slot and the visa is activated.

  • In the mobile version, the visa is activated immediately if there are free slots. The visa is activated straight away when the Character is installed in the visa slot.

  • The visa is activated only if the Character is inserted into the slot. If all slots are already occupied, it is impossible to insert and the visa will not be activated.

  • If you choose “Continue shopping", the Character is sent to the Inventory (not inserted into the slot) and their visa is not activated.

  • If a Character with an unactivated visa is exposed to the Scholarship, the visa activates immediately.

How it works

The LetMeSpeak Visa is given to each Character at its inception (the time when it is minted). You activate it automatically during your first Learn-and-Earn experience or the first Invite — whichever comes first. The length of the visa depends on your Character Rarity. The initial length of the visa for an Uncommon Character is four months, rising to eight months for Legendary Characters. Visas can be extended for an extra fee for 30 days. Only Characters with active visas can learn languages and receive in-game currency rewards.

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