Solving the biggest problem with online education

The biggest problem in online education nowadays is motivation.

The EdTech sector has massively transformed the accessibility of education over the last 10 years. Diverse content in almost any learning area and low-cost delivery have become the norm with platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and others. Mobile apps have also made learning more fun and engaging.

However, how do you ensure that learners retain this content and inspire people to keep learning, rather than giving up after a few days?

The latest results from applying the Learn-and-Earn approach to English language learning are very encouraging. LetMeSpeak helps create useful learning habits, like consistency and intensity.

LetMeSpeak Learn-and-Earn students are five times more likely to be learning English using the app 30 days after downloading it than Pay Upfront users who access the same content (see Figure 1). 60% of Learn-and-Earn students use the app daily.

The same Learn-and-Earn approach can also be applied to other areas of online education, for example, literacy, mathematics, and others. Just imagine the impact this could have on the well-being of individuals and the economic development of society as a whole.

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