Web3 Language learning - power to learners

LetMeSpeak has taken a high-quality Web2 language learning product and transformed it into an even more engaging Web3 experience.

It helps make the experience of language learning more fun, rewarding, and engaging.

Since the inception of LetMeSpeak in 2019, it has taken over two years and hundreds of thousands of users to get the original English learning product right. We have reimagined what language learning should look like in the Web3 world.

Here are the key things we've done to turn LetMeSpeak into the first Web3 language learning ecosystem:

  1. Ecosystem asset ownership. Users own in-game assets, starting with NFT characters. The assets are held directly by users through their wallets and are freely transferable.

  2. NFT marketplace. Users can buy and sell their LetMeSpeak assets freely, via a decentralised marketplace on a peer-to-peer basis.

  3. Learning rewards. Users earn token rewards that are freely transferable and can be exchanged for digital dollars in the open market.

  4. Governance. Users can control certain aspects of the LetMeSpeak economy using governance tokens and have an impact on the future direction of the ecosystem.

Try it out for yourself now!

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