Play, Learn and Earn

LetMeSpeak helps people create useful habits for learning.

Education is often associated with a longer term internal drive or a "having to do it" attitude.

LetMeSpeak adds instant gratification to learning, by offering economic rewards. You earn reward tokens every few minutes following a successful learning experience. Your brain receives positive reinforcement as a result. It helps you stay focused and committed to learning over time.

LetMeSpeak ecosystem starts with the English language learning experience and the ability to earn. The future of LetMeSpeak is open-ended. It could incorporate other fun and useful language activities - with added instant gratification components built around similar Learn-and-Earn token economics:

  • Word games

  • Language exchange

  • Tutoring marketplace

  • Player-vs-Player games

Of course, we will look to expand into other popular languages.

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