Our main task is motivating people to learn English. As the lessons progress, users find it harder to study and their motivation falls, despite the incentive to earn money. In order for the user to constantly learn new content and always be challenged with new material, we've introduced the concept of Relocation.

Relocation only applies to characters not purchased on the Marketplace.

The character's energy is reset for 14 days when relocating, if they're transferred from one account to another. The character's energy is restored to 100% after 14 days.

Relocation is activated from the moment the character is transferred.

Relocation can only apply to characters with an activated visa and/or a frozen visa.

When relocating, the visa is also automatically unfrozen, i.e the character spends the visa during the transit period (14 days).

If the character is returned to the original account, the Relocation will be canceled. The energy is returned to the character.

Remember: the character remains the property of the account owner and is only temporarily unable to learn.

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