You can drive all key NFT-related actions from the LetMeSpeak Marketplace:

  • Explore NFTs for sale, the latest deals and overall Economy stats

  • Buy and sell NFTs (6% sales fee)

  • Claim tokens earned by learning (5% fee, subject to 100 LSTARs minimum)

  • Swap in-game tokens for USDC and back (1.5% fee)

  • Provide and get Scholarships in seconds

  • Manage playable NFTs and create new ones by Invites (6% fee for Invite)

  • Get information about your transaction history

The marketplace is decentralised and all buying/selling of NFTs is done peer-to-peer. You are in full control of putting your assets up for sale, buying and other related asset flows.


The cost of listing a character on the Marketplace is 300 LSTAR.

Each character is on the Marketplace for 7 days.

The character is automatically returned to the Inventory after 7 days.

Characters can be put up for sale for 7 days, an unlimited number of times.

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