LetMeSpeak.org Whitepaper
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Game currencies

There are 2 game currencies that will drive the LetMeSpeak metaverse:
  • LSTAR - Learning Star reward token (available). It’s used to reward people for learning English and for redistributing value between community members and NFT owners.
  • LMS - LetMeSpeak governance token (coming soon).
There will be different ways to benefit from your LSTARs and LMSs over time:
  • Purchase Characters
  • Extend Visa
  • Freeze Visa
  • Make invites
  • Take part in PvP
  • Restore lives
  • List Characters for Scholarship
  • Enhance your NFT through visual customization
  • Swap digital currency
  • Transfer rewards to your wallet
  • Pay in-game fees and buy consumables
  • Spend in-game: upgrade NFT Characters, premium NFT outfits, purchase rare NFTs (e.g. Land)
  • Governance (e.g. Treasury, Metaverse parameters)
While game currencies have utility inside the metaverse, they are freely transferrable outside of it.
Read more in Tokenomics.