Learning rewards

Each NFT Character has Daily Energy which can be converted to learning rewards.

LSTAR — the in-game currency — helps drive your motivation as you learn English. Each time you give correct answers while you learn, a portion of the Energy converts to the in-game token reward.

You will need LSTARs for NFT purchases, Invite fees, LetMeSpeak Visa extension, Characters customization, vanity items and other cool things. You can also convert LSTARs into digital dollars (USDC on the Marketplace).

You don’t get penalized for wrong answers. Your Daily Energy is not lost if you make a mistake: you can simply try again. This approach helps remove the advantage from people who already know the language compared to those who are just starting.

Everyone can spend 100% of their Daily Energy and collect 100% of the rewards every day; it just takes a bit longer for a beginner to do so. On average you need to play for 30–40 minutes a day, in order to collect 100% of the rewards.

You can see the current daily reward rate nominated in LSTARs and in USDC on the LetMeSpeak Marketplace on the NFT Character page (showing stats for the last 24 hours).

Read more about what you can do with LSTARs in Game currencies.

Skills bonus rewards

Your Character's Skills grow as you move to higher XP levels, and so does the reward rate. Check your current Skills bonus reward rate in the app at the end of each training session.

Calculation formula:

% Bonus rewards = (weighted average Skills bonus for a given type of training) * 0.0007


if you practice Words and your NFT has 190 Vocab & 130 Pronunciation & 110 Listening, you Skills bonus reward rate = (0.429190+0.286130+0.286110) * 0,0007 = 11,2% bonus to LSTAR base rate reward rate.

Here is a table with examples of average Skills bonus rates for NFT Characters with different Rarities and XP levels

High Talent bonus rewards

Characters with higher talent within each Rarity (26-29, 36-39, 46-49, 56-59) get 10% more LSTAR rewards.

For example, a Rare NFT Character (talent 30-39) with 34 talent gets a 100% base reward rate; a Rare NFT with 37 talent gets 110% rewards for same activity.

Upgrade bonus rewards

You can purchase up to 5 upgrades for your Character.

Each upgrade provides a 5% bonus to the LSTAR base reward rate (up to 25% total).

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