The LetMeSpeak metaverse isn't just for those who want to learn English: it's also for those who want to sponsor others to learn.

Giving is one of the most fulfilling things we can do as human beings.

LetMeSpeak makes helping others easier and more accessible through leveraging Web3 technologies. The platform benefits by having more users, having a stronger emotional connection with them and additional virality loops.

Whatever your reason for giving is (pocket money for children, employee skill improvement, philanthropy, etc), LetMeSpeak helps ensure the following key things happen:

  • Transparency (where do the funds go)

  • Efficiency of distribution of funds (90%+ funds go to target beneficiaries)

  • Measurable impact (real-time learning progress available to the donor at a very granular level)

  • Instant deployment (funds available instantly to the beneficiaries)

  • Impact-based distribution of funds (beneficiaries only get access to funds when they learn successfully)

Learn more about our pilot program with Iraqi refugees in Jordan and corporate program with Sitel (global corporate with 140,000+ employees) in Brazil.

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