LetMeSpeak.org Whitepaper
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The LetMeSpeak economy is designed to boost people's motivation and learning results.
A Web2 language learning economy typically works in the following way:
  • Value flows one way. You exchange money for a learning experience.
  • You don't have any control over the economy, company directors and shareholders do.
  • You do not enter into economic relationships with other system participants.
The LetMeSpeak Web3 economy works very differently:
  • Values flow both ways. From you to the ecosystem and from the ecosystem to you.
  • You can influence governance of the ecosystem.
  • You enter into economic relationships with other ecosystem participants.
Results of the LetMeSpeak economy on motivating people to learn speak for themselves. 60% of Learn & Earn users keep learning 30 days after starting. In comparison with 14% for Pay Upfront Web2 users.
Let's now look in detail at our vision for the LetMeSpeak economy.