LetMeSpeak.org Whitepaper
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LetMeSpeak Vision 2024+

The LetMeSpeak Ecosystem consists of many apps and services rooted in language learning, all connected within one LetMeSpeak Economy: apps for self-learning and PvP competitions, language exchange platform, tutor marketplace, language learning games and others.
No crypto knowledge is needed to start learning and earning. The underlying blockchain infrastructure is almost invisible and seamlessly connected to the real-world economy.
Additional money inflows to the LetMeSpeak Economy include sales of non-earning assets, skins and consumables to users; ad integration and direct sponsorship of in-game events for selected external partners; revenue from corporate and institutional programs; user rewards in LMS governance tokens.
LetMeSpeak provides an efficient platform for helping other people. Anyone can sponsor someone to learn and earn.
This platform is broadly used by the main international charity organizations, philanthropists and millions of regular people who are sponsoring others. The social impact combines the short-term results of earning money and acquiring valuable new skills, with the long-term results such as English opening up access to better education, job opportunities and social integration.
The learning efficiency of the ‘Learn-and-Earn’ model is well researched by educational experts, linguists, and neuroscientists. The online education industry is transforming based on the data collected by LetMeSpeak in partnership with leading universities and well-known researchers.