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How would you like to upgrade your Character so that it earns 25% more, and get up to 100% of your upgrade fees back?
You will need to upgrade your NFT Character 5 times to reach its full earning potential.
Each Character upgrade has 2 effects:
  • A 5% to the LSTAR reward rate, relative to the base reward rate.
  • It enables your NFT character to get through to the next 10 XP levels and further increases your earning capacity.
All upgrade fees are fixed in USDC and are payable in LMS governance tokens (coming soon).
The twist is that you can get up to 100% of the upgrade fees back!
How much you get back is directly connected to the XP level your Character reaches while learning. You get 1.25% of the upgrade fee back, capped at 100%, for each XP level.
You can claim the rebate after the Character's Visa expiry, in exchange for the NFT Character itself. If you sell the Character early, the new owner will be able to claim the rebate.
You can do all 5 upgrades in one go at any time, and start earning 25% more from the very first day.
Estimated upgrade fees in USDC (payable in LMS governance tokens)