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Traction in numbers

We have enjoyed high user growth across the learning app, metaverse (learn & earn experience) and social media so far.
Let's look at some key numbers and their growth.
  • 2M+ downloads
  • 700,000+ Monthly Active Users in April
  • 4.8* rating on iOS
  • >$25M in NFT sales since the metaverse launch in Feb 2022
User growth:
  • Monthly Active Users (“MAU”) 138K -> 712K (500%+ growth in 4 months)
  • Daily Active Users (“DAU”) 14K -> 55K
  • NFT Characters: 7,188 -> 36,714 (500%+ growth in 2 months)
  • Social: from 0 to 1M+ on Twitter since October 2021
Whilst it's still early days, we believe it's possible to massively scale the LetMeSpeak Web3 language learning experience over a short period of time for the following reasons:
  • Real need. 1.4 billion people learning English.
  • Simple yet powerful unique value proposition. Learn & Earn.
  • Intuitive Web3 experience. Zero blockchain knowledge is required.
  • Several virality loops. Positive reinforcement, giving, philanthropy.
Let's do it together.
User growth: up 500% in 4 months
Twitter followers 30K -> 1M in 6 months
Daily Active NFTs used for learning and earning up 5x in 60 days
$25M+ NFT Sales since the metaverse launch
Cumulative LetMeSpeak NFT Turnover ($)
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